27 things men do in bed that women hate. WARNING!! contains adult content

We threw the question out to Facebook, what things do men do in bed that us women hate?

The answers we got back were sometimes funny, sometimes ridiculous, and sometimes worrying – but also achingly true.

Read the 27 things below – which contains adult content (obviously, but you’ve been warned) – and then maybe print it out and leave it where your boyfriend can see it…

1. ‘When they try to recreate s3x positions that they’ve obviously seen on some online porn site, and you end up basically doing a headstand, looking a mess and having to listen to them say: “You’re loving that aren’t you babes?” Err, no.’

2. ‘When you’re on t0p and they’re just staring at you and it’s like, ahhh what face do I pull? So you just close your eyes and hope for the best.’

3. ‘When they ask YOU to put the c0nd0m on. Just no.’

4. ‘When they think it’s s3xy to spank you so hard that you just want to turn around and punch them in the face.’

5. ‘When they just stop, and it’s like, “hello? Did you hear me 0g@,sm?” No.’



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