3 Women Meet a TRAGIC End After Attacking Mombasa Police Station (DISTURBING PHOTOS)


Yesterday, we woke up to news that three women had been gunned down after attempting to stage an attack at Central Police Station in Mombasa

Reports indicate that the women – who were all dressed in hijabs – arrived  at the station at 10:00 a.m under the guise of reporting a crime.

Minutes later, one of them drew a knife and stabbed an officer who was seated at the front desk, while the other threw a petrol bomb that detonated inside the station causing fire.

The third woman attempted to escape during the scuffle but her efforts were thwarted.

Police officers who were on duty at the time responded swiftly and gunned down all the three women.

Authorities have identified two of the women as Fatma Omar and Tasnim Yakub Abdulahi, the third suspect is yet to be identified.

Apparently, the women – who were all of Somali descent – were trying to rescue a highly trained Recce officer whom they thought was being detained at the station.

However, what was not known to them is that he was transferred to another station on Saturday night.

Photos doing rounds on social media show the immense suffering that the three women went through before they died.

Apart from being shot, two of the women got caught up in the fire they started. This left them badly burnt to the point that they are barely recognizable.

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