4 Boys From Embu Boys High School Broke Into A Nearby Girls School, Turned Off The Lights And This Was the Result!


The ‘Bushy’ affair goes on to date…of course because of their names and close proximity. The boys found ready love on the other side. Some say they watched movies during ‘Enta’ together. But it stirred up rivalry between them and Mang’u High School, who despite being miles away, felt entitled

Kenya High and Nairobi School

Both of them hail from an English tradition — schools that were initially only white. They shared choir practice and to date, the two schools partner in joint choir presentations during music festivals. Once or twice, ‘Patch’ has had to push and shove with Lenana School for this love. So, when Nairobi school bought a new bus, ‘Changez’ had to struggle with their coughing lorry


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