5 Photos Of Esther Passaris Exposing Too Much Skin

Esther Passaris caused a stir when she paraded hectares of her yellow skin thighs a few days ago. But that wasn’t an isolated incident.

The fact that Esther Passaris, who is in her 50s, can make the whole nation talk about her thighs, is absolutely impressive.

Most pentagenarians have thighs that have been infested with wrinkles, and which not many people will want to take a second look at.

Even though Ms Passaris denied photos which showed her thighs, which were taken when she graced Miss World Kenya event at the Villa Rosa Kempinski, Esther has other photos taken at separate places which also showed a huge chunk of her skin.

Below is a gallery which shows instances where Esther Passaris exposed too much skin:

Esther Passaris





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