7 Ways To Know A Woman Is Having S8x Out Of Relationship! Men Be Cautious


7. Age

Her C3rvix

If you reach her c3rvix during s3x, recognize that something is wrong. Remember, this is the narrow canal that connects the vag!na to the ut3rus—where babies grow. That isn’t a place you want to go, so don’t knock on the door

For starters, it’s painful for her to have something rammed against her cervix, and it could be a sign that you need to shift for a position with shallower pen3tration.

But it could also mean that she isn’t warmed up enough. Her uterus will actually “lift” upwards when she’s s3xually arous3d, making her vagin@l cavity a few inches d33per than when she isn’t turned on.Even with all the BS that the media is telling women (“40 is the new 30,” etc.), women still instinctively know when men find them the most attractive and when they are above that age, they will sometimes try to hop in a time machine. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work.

6. Being Single

Another thing many women will lie about is whether they are single. There is the obvious one where they will pretend they have a boyfriend when a guy they aren’t attracted to asks them out, but we will focus on the opposite situation. When a girl really likes a guy she ends up meeting, many taken girls will lie about not having a boyfriend. At the very least they will never mention it, which is the same as lying about it.


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