8 Most Dangerous S3x Pos!ti0ns , That Will Break Your Pen1s Or TEAR Your V@G@INA

So, the night’s been going well. Really well. Now you’ve taken the lead. You’re on top, and you’re really getting into it. There’s twisting and bending and bouncing and thr#st!ng.

A lot of thr#st!ng. In fact, so much vigorous thrusting during the heat of the moment that nothing can stop you from achieving the big-O. Until, of course, you hear a CRACK! Followed by a cry, not of pleasure, but of intense agony and pain. Oops. Yes people, penises can break. S3x-related injuries are no joke. A 2010 British survey found that about 18 million people, or a third of the adult population, have suffered from some kind of s3x-related injury.




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