An actual snake on a plane terrified passengers during flight to Mexico City

A snake slithers out of an overhead baggage compartment on an Aeromexico flight. Screenshot: Inda_medina/Twitter

MEXICO CITY, Nov. 7 (UPI) — An Aeromexico flight was given a priority landing in Mexico City when it encountered an in-flight hazard straight out of Hollywood — a venomous snake on the plane.

Indalecio Medina, a passenger on Sunday’s Flight 231 from Torreon to Mexico City, posted a video to Twitter showing the snake, believed to be a venomous green viper, descending from an overhead baggage compartment and falling onto some seats while the plane was in flight.

Medina, who described the incident as a “unique experience,” said he captured the snake in a blanket and “gave it some magazines to read.”


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