Breaking!! : A Nigeria witch-specialist Releases photographs of an ODM Kenyan restriction lawmaker who he compelled to drink human blood to end up Kenya’s leader in 2017


Prestigious Nigerian witchdoctor, Chikene, has affirmed that restriction lawmakers – incorporating those in the decision coalition-run his residences for “force, impact and assurance”.

In spite of the fact that a cross-segment of lawmakers denied the witchdoctors’ cases, the witchdoctors say their journals are very brimming with government officials’ arrangements in front of the General Race due one year from now


The witchdoctor has discharged photographs of a senior Kenyan legislator who he said he compelled to drink blood of a human to wind up Kenyan president 2017 the specialist said the resistance government official was prepared

to have his kin or kids yielded for ksh 10 million..


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