BREAKING NEWS!!!!One Of The 6 Ladies Who Perished In The Kisii Accident Had This Special Gift

Kisii Accident University Students

The memories of the Kisii accident that left 7 university students dead are still fresh. It was horrific. Kenyans still remember it as if it was yesterday. The gory accident cut short the lives of young ambitious students from Kenyatta University and Dedan Kimathi University.

Two sisters; Vinnah Morangi (21) and her sister Valeria Wangare (20) perished in the accident plus Vinnah’s boyfriend who was the only male in the car.

The deceased left Nairobi for a friend’s party in Magena but they never got to their destination. They were involved in a grisly accident that left seven dead and one nursing injuries.

The survivor narrated how ‘they’ changed a driver and Duncan Nyanaro, Vinnah Morangi’s boyfriend was the driver of the car that was involved in the accident; he was a Civil Engineering student at Dedan Kimathi University, the first born and only son in their family scored an A plain from Maranda High school in 2014 and was admitted to Dedan Kimathi University in 2015.

Well, out of the six ladies who died, Dorohot Nyakerario (her social media username) was  so talented. She was a dancer cum video vixen. She was also a great fashionista and loved life to the fullest at least according to her Instagram profile.



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