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Breaking!! Joho Under Office Arrest on Uhuru’s Order, He is barred from attending Uhuru’s Mtongwe ferry launch

Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho has reportedly been barred from attending an event where President Uhuru Kenyatta is set to launch the Mtongwe ferry services on Monday. Joho was surrounded ... Continue Reading →

If You Love Bananas Stop What You Are Doing And Read These 10 Shocking Facts!

Bananas are a delicious tropical fruit which can be found anywhere in the world. It has numerous health benefits and is one of the healthiest fruit you can consume. Here are 10 shocking ... Continue Reading →
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Guaranteed Teeth Whitening In Just Less Than 2 Minutes!

You must have asked yourself why a lot of people, especially smokers, avoid smiling and laughing in front of other people. The reason for that is because they have yellow teeth and ... Continue Reading →
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Be Your Own Dentist! See How To Remove The Plaque From Teeth In Just 5 Minutes!

The risk of plaque increase on the teeth increase due to poor oral hygiene. However, it can be due to genetics. Expensive treatments at the dentist’s office can help you remove it. ... Continue Reading →

This Soap Causes Breast Cancer And Everyone Uses It Daily

Soaps are necessary for getting our body clean and fresh. When it comes to using soap a large number of us prefer to use soaps that are made to help fight and protect us from bacteria. Most ... Continue Reading →
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13 New Symptoms of early HIV infection You Didn’t Know About

These are 13 Must See HIV Symptoms. For all those bad girls and especially those bad guys who are fund of skin diving into the va.gina that is raw intercourse even those who use condoms ... Continue Reading →
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FOR LADIES ONLY: 7 Simple And Natural Ways To Become A V1rg1n Again!

Some people believe that with the help of some natural remedies the women’s virginity can be restored.Although, Maybe it is not scientifically proven and maybe it seems impossible. ... Continue Reading →

GOOD NEWS: HIV/AIDS cure finally FOUND, Doctors confirm – NO MORE CONDOMS!!

Doctors in Barcelona, Spain believe they have found the cure to HIV – the AIDS-causing virus that affects the lives of more than 34 million people worldwide, according to WHO. By ... Continue Reading →

Attention Smokers: These Top 9 Foods Will Flush Out Nicotine From Your Body NO, 7 will shock you

Cigarettes contain many harmful toxins that damage the body. The nicotine in cigarettes can cause you to have high blood pressure and damages the lungs. Even if you stop smoking, the ... Continue Reading →

Be Aware!! These 10 Types Of Foods That Make Cancer Cells Grow in Your Body! STOP Eating Them RIGHT NOW!

We are all aware how important is to live and eat healthy and exercise on a regular basis. But, the modern lifestyle pose an additional thought about what we eat, as we all know that ... Continue Reading →