Dead prophet who foresaw 9/11, 2004 tsunami etc warned Obama would be ‘last US president’

Baba Vanga who died in 1996 didn’t live to see most of her prophesies come to pass but she CORRECTLY predicted; 9/11 terrorist attack, 2004 tsunami, the rise of Islamic State, 44th US President to be African-American etc.

The media has once again shed light on blind Bulgarian seer, Baba Vanga, who died 20 years ago; and the reason being her puzzling prophesy seems to be coming to pass.

Vanga correctly prophesied that the 44th US president would be black and that he would be ‘the last one’. She said that at the time of his stepping into office, there would be a spectacular economic crisis. (Which turned out to be the 2007-2008 financial crisis).

She also added that 44 US president would leave office at a time when there would be a huge divide between the northern and southern states – as was the case during the American Civil War. (Riots were witnessed across US cities after Trump was declared President. And US media report that 2016 election has left US more divided than ever.)


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