Demand for same s3x prostitutes in Nairobi has shot up

Male prostitution is on the rise in Kenya

Demand for male prostitutes in the city has shot up compared to that of female sex workers, The Nairobian has learnt.

Our investigations on city streets have also established that some cops and high-profile figures are involved in the business.

The male sex workers, popularly known as makuchu, walk in groups along city streets — some line up with female sex workers for clients.

Away from the streets, those who don’t want to be seen outside hunting for clients have identified specific clubs in the city centre.

When we arrived at a popular joint on Tsavo Road on a Wednesday afternoon, our source who happens to be a homosexual and operates as a sex worker, pointed out a cop who was already entertaining two male sex workers with drinks before leaving for ‘the act’ at a nearby lodging.

“He is a regular client here, but he pays well. I’ve slept with him more than three times. He is a gentleman, though he can sleep with three different men in a day when he visits. The last time he paid me Sh5,000 for the whole afternoon,” claims Jack, our source.

Jack, a father of one, has been in the business for more than six years now. He told The Nairobian that he left his home in Narok in search of greener pastures in Nairobi.

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