Drama as Nelspruit Catholic Priest and Sister were filmed bonking

A catholic Priest stationed at St Peter’s Catholic Church in Nelspruit and a Sister from the church are trending on social media for the wrong reasons. Sources close to the pair suggest that they are rumoured to be dating, an act that is not permitted by the church for ‘committed’ individuals.

It is reported that the priest borrowed a car from a congregant for the purposes of church business. It is suspected that the car had a hidden camera disguised as a TV screen. The priest is identified as Father Michael and the Sister is named Betty. The matter came to light when the video started circulating on Whatsapp. How the video made its way into the public is not known as yet. Our news crew called the priest, and upon being asked if he is aware of the video recorded in a car in which he featured he said, “I cannot comment on the matter. Ask the owner of the car. There is nothing more i can say.” Our news crew called the owner of the car who responded, “I did not film anyone,” before hanging up the phone.


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