Ehlanzeni Pastor orders female members to remove underwear so that God can enter their bodies

A pastor in in Ehlanzeni is making headlines for recently banning his female congregants from wearing underwear to church so that God can enter their bodies and cleanse them.

The pastor, described only as the Pastor Dube, reportedly asked his female congregants at the Miracle Healing Power Church (MHPC) to arrive at Sunday’s service without underwear or bras. The pastor’s reasoning was that the undergarments are “ungodly,” and people need to be “free in ‘body’ and ‘spirit’ to receive Christ. The church is located in an Ehlanzeni district of Mpumalanga.

The pastor also said he made the new rule for women so God can enter their bodies easily. The pastor added that women who continue to wear undergarments to church will suffer “dire consequences,” and encouraged mothers attending his services to check their daughters to make sure they had obeyed the new rule.


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