Forget About Kanyari’s Home! Helicopter Of God Ministries Bishop Thomas Wahome’s Expensive Mansion Will Blow Your Mind Away (PHOTOS)

Life is good. It’s a matter of working smart, not hard. Pastors of our generation are great examples and I hope you agree with me. Unlike the past, whereby men and women of God used to ‘toil’ so hard moving from village to village, door to door spreading the word, nowadays, technology has made life easier. One can easily follow the sermon from wherever they are as long as, in return, you bless the Lord with ‘something’. Pastors of city based churches are reaping so big and this can be evident from their flashy lifestyles.

Unlike the past, whereby male pastors rocked oversized suits with “funny” shoes that left them with an awkward walking style, like someone who had stepped on burning charcoal. That is not the case nowadays. Things have changed totally. Pastors these days are living the urban lifestyle which can easily be told by their style of dressing, their fancy clothes, their cars and homes thanks to the booming nature of the church business.

Well, controversial pastor and founder of the famous Helicopter of God Ministries, Thomas Wahome, has been keeping a low profile. This was after he was exposed for allegedly conning his gullible followers by performing fake miracles and neglecting his family. The self-proclaimed bishop, Thomas Wahome has……



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