From threats to police cells, Kenyan artists versus sound engineers/ fraud engineers

In the competitive scene that is the music industry, controversy and creativity are the only ways to remain relevant in the game.

However, in what could seem like a lack of creativity, some producers have been accused of being notorious for taking to less than agreeable ways to beat others to the chase, and usually, upcoming artistes fall prey to their con tactics as they are easy targets.

Via a Facebook post, reggae-dancehall artiste Buki outed producer Young Wallace for non-delivery of services seven months after their agreement.

“Seven months ago I paid the guy 45k for my video shoot. He took the cash and every time I call him he doesn’t pick up and he only texts back (that) he’s busy or he’s in a shoot. I told him to refund my cash back but he refused,” read the text in part.

While the producer does not deny receiving the Sh45,000 down payment for his collabo video, ‘logistics mishaps’, as he prefers to term the situation, have been the reason behind the delay with Buki complicating things.

“Just before we went into the initial shoot, Buki told me to cancel it because he wanted to do a shoot for a different song. This was at a time when we had finalised on a big chunk of the logistics, a huge inconvenience on my part,” Wallace explained.

An angry Wallace asked Buki to initiate a legal process and present all the evidence he has in court, if he really felt aggrieved.

This has not been the first allegation against the producer, who always resorts to the same sure-fire response every time: Initiate a legal process and present evidence in court.

While some may argue that this is the right way to go, in Kenya it is easy to take advantage of the slow judicial process and most artistes lack financial muscle.

Sakata Dance group champions, Everlast recently accused him of defrauding them of Sh150,000, to shoot their debut video, Stamina, a collabo featuring Wyre.

Confused on the way forward back then the group decided to take a break from music and only returned recently with another collabo Gudi Gudi featuring Rapdamu and Kristoff.

“It is a ghastly feeling that we do not wish to rekindle,” said Everlast of the experience. Young Wallace has denied the allegations and termed it a ploy to tarnish his name and career through bad press.


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