Girl went to visit her ex-boyfriend, u won,t believe what happen to her [a must read]

A 19-year-old girl got more than she bargained for when she visited the wife of her ex-boyfriend called Kingsley, who delivered a newborn baby, recently. Unknown to her, she apparently walked into a trap set for her by her angry ex-boyfriend.

The agony of the ugly incident that followed later was not just that she was gang-rapéd , her sister molested and thoroughly beaten up, she later agreed to an amicable settlement just because of fear of another attack.


Crime Guard learnt that the ex-boy friend is the son of a serving Chief Superintendent of Police, CSP, and it is believed that more harm will come her way if she tries to expose the act.
“When it became clear that they would harm me if I didn’t yield to their request, I started pulling my clothes. After that, Kingsley was the first one that rapéd me while his friends used their phones to record it. When he was through, the second one called Ifeanyi aka Fabulous and the third one Asaly, took turns to rapé me…

Kingsley’s dad is attached to a police unit in Jos, his mother sells food at Area K along Badagry expressway.

Narrating the incident to Crime Guard , the victim said:
“On that day I went there at Ketu in Ijanikin to visit my ex-boy friend Kingsley, whose wife had just had a baby. When I got there, I met him outside, I asked him of his wife, he said she was inside with the new born baby. So, I



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