How helping a prostitute almost broke my marriage- I regret doing this!! Night watchman

A night soldier says how manning s3x workers almost ruined his marriage. He explains on that fateful day, the s3x workers left him several items including clothes and lotions.


However, she did not come back as agreed but called to assure him that she was okay. Morning came and he couldn’t leave the clothes in the security stall lest they are discovered.

“The mistake l made was to carry the clothes and other things home,” he states. As he rested, his wife opened the bag believing he had brought them something. She got shocked on seeing weird body lotions, both male and female condoms among other night tools.

The wife woke him and started a war, accusing him of being unfaithful at work.

He says, “I tried to explain that I would take it back that evening to seek the owner but it fell on deaf ears. It is six months since it happened but my wife still talks about it.”


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