How Ugandan David Matsanga is Assaulting University Ladies. Heartbreaking Stories from UoN and USIU

Ugandan political noisemaker who regularly appears on KTN’s JKL show is dating a Kenyan UoN (University of Nairobi) student by the name Wambui Nyutu. The notorious power broker who is well known in Kenya especially due to his anti-ICC is a notorious womanizer. In political circles, he is better known by the name “Dave.” Nyutu is the chairperson of Kikuyu Youth Council.

Sometimes back, in some leaked Whatsapp messages, Dave had apparently paged a USIU student and was begging her to abort.

Matsanga is a married man and has several children with his wife back at Uganda. Some people feel that with his noise level, he can better assist Ugandans to check on Museveni and his misdeeds.



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