I Have Had S3x With 523 Prostitutes And I Have Cheated On All My 27 Girlfriends, INCLUDING 2 MP’S WHO WERE SPONSORS

I was going about my business as I always am, reading up and trying to enlighten my already enlightened mind and I came across this article on a 27 year old man who has had S3X with five hundred and twenty-three prostitutes in Amsterdam and has cheated on every girl he has ever dated; I really couldn’t help but share. Very interesting read and I would love to here your thoughts.


As I’m writing this my heart is actually racing. No one knows about this and its kind of embarrassing really. But I need to get this off my chest.
I’m 27 years old. Ever since I was a young boy i’ve been fascinated by S3X. You could say that I am or have been a S3X addict. Please know that this is not to brag as paying for S3X is something I don’t consider to brag about. Its rather pathetic but the way I saw it was that its a good way to practice the act of S3X and the prostitutes in my city are what you can consider very ”high end” for a very low price. It was hard to resist. Growing up in Amsterdam means growing up with weed and prostitutes, among other things. You could say drugs and S3X are an integral part of Amsterdam. Most of my friends have been confronted with drugs and prostitution in some form or another, but never pushed it as far as I have, as far as I know. I also must state for the record that most people growing up here actually tend to stay away from the things I mentioned, even when confronted, they usually don’t want to get involved.
So as the title states. I’ve slept with TURN TO PAGE 2 BELOW


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