“I Will Not Attend Jubilee Party Launch” – Open Letter to DP William Ruto

Dear Bill ,


Hope this finds you well. I will go straight to my points since I know you are busy with the final touches of the merger and the grand launch .


As always , you are very smart , it’s working ; Congratulations in advance.

You are my role model. I have watched your moves and admired your faith. As my mentor , I have no choice but to follow your footsteps. After 2007 elections, you dared to be ambitious and curved your own path . URP was the ultimate house you built . This was due to the challenges that you faced .

You have succeeded! I have faced challenges in the so called Jubilee . The jubilee we strived for. And just like you, because of the challenges I can’t control , I have decided to curve my own path . Allow me to be ambitious like you .I , together with other like minded Kenyans are forming our own outfit . Just the way you formed yours . I know people, especially aspirants will not see the reason for this now , but later they will know why – through the lessons they are walking to blindly .

First , in my county , the delegates list was bungled. Someone made the list in his bedroom and the real delegates were left out . That is after you had told our friends in the national assembly to pass the bill barring party hopping . Meaning , you loose in primaries , you go home . MORE ON PAGE 2


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