I’m in love with two women, want to marry both

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I am in a steady relationship and we are expecting our first child in five months. My fiancée’s parents are putting pressure on us to formalize our relationship. However, I have a son with this other lady that I really love. We have had a relationship for more than five years now. I love both ladies and want to marry them both but I don’t know what the law says about marring two women at the same time. I have to act soon especially because of the pressure from my fiancés parents who are demanding for a church wedding. Please advice on what I can do to marry both women. I don’t want to lose any – or rather, none of them will allow me to proceed with the other. {Moffat}

Your Take:

Life is a matter of choice. You got into another relationship despite the fact that you were in a long term relationship. Really think this over before you act. Bear in mind that not all relationships end in marriage.

Tell all these parties that you need some time. Do not marry out of pressure. Think twice before you are completely consumed in this.

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You are chasing two birds with one stone and they are in different trees at different times. You are too young to think of marrying two women so choose one. Confirm that the unborn child is indeed yours.

Take your time before you act on your presumed decision and consult with elders on the pros and cons of sustaining two women. Bear in mind that we are living in harsh economic times so think twice before deciding on your future.

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How will you walk two paths at the same time? Choose the woman you want to settle down with or ask them if they are willing to share a husband. Remember this is marriage you are talking about. Share with them that you have this other woman and wait to see who stays by your side.

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In this situation, you have to be very wise and honest with all parties and let them know the truth. This should include both sets of parents and they may provide some solutions to your problem. Marriage is a lifetime commitment not a laughing matter.


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