MTOTO WA NYOKA NI NYOKA!!! Kenyan Men From These Tribes Who Make The Worst Husbands

Which type of  Kenyan men do you think makes the best and worst husbands? This has always been debatable at chamas, public gatherings and even on social media. Many women defend their partners because most confuse, or rather compare them with their fathers.

I had a heated argument with my colleagues and we were able to come to agreement that there are some types of Kenyan men who make the worst husbands. This did not go well with my learned friend, Chege who is currently ‘vying’ for the Kiambu gubernatorial seat. The young lad came out to defend his people saying that they are the most hard-working and they ‘have no time to spend in bed condoling’ just to impress Anyango, Atoti, Waitherereo & Mwende etc.

This man who hails from Kiambu County also says that he cannot “waste time and money” on women and that those who treat their women well and take them out for dates ‘are lost and that their future is doomed’. Chege says that ‘If you have to use money to get her, then she is not worth it’. Yeye hapana tambua romance.

Dear ladies, there you have it from the horses mouth; avoid this lad like a plague. Well, Kenyan men from these tribes make the worst husbands, go through and comment at the end of the story.


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