NYEGE RELOADED! Watch Female DJ Strip And Grind On A Patron While On The Decks At A Night Club (VIDEO)


I love clubbing. Not every other day but mostly on weekends. I am not a party animal but at least I know a few clubs in almost every city and major town in Kenya, where I’d check in when in need of some good moments. I also know where hot female DJs ply their trade at. I like female DJs!

Now picture this… You are at a club enjoying the music and drinks in a company of good friends, when suddenly, the DJ (a hot female spindoctor) decides it’s time to take things a notch higher. And not just in any ordinary manner but by spinning while she is naked!!

What would be your reaction? Would you run out of the bar or move closer to the DJ’s booth for some up close and candid interaction with the music, oooh sorry, with the DJ, or just ignore everything?

See the video below, of a certain hot DJ lass who decided to up temperatures at a club by spinning the decks while scantly dressed. She actually removed her knickers and threw them away!!!



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