PART 2 PHOTOS OF SHAME!!!!!! SHAME AS EGERTON University Students Arrested For Acting NGONO VIDEO In School Classes; This Video Will Leave You Shocked; The Video Is Bad +18


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Nairobi is an interesting place. Those who have been here for a long time can attest to that. Its Friday 6: 30 p.m. , the city is alive and bubbling

Ties hang loosely as both young and old Nairobi working class men file from their offices as they prepare to hit the clubs. The buttons on the ladies blouses, drop from 10th floor to Mezzanine 1 and the condom shoes are quickly replaced by World Business Center 4, 000 bob stiletto heelsMedical researchers are starting to put together the numbers on how many people are dying because of giving oral $ex, and the numbers are disturbing.


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