Se;x On Top Of The Table: [WARNING] EXPL1C1T CONTENT: Do Not Read If You Are Holier Than Thou


Kambua opens the door and plants a brief kiss on my lips me before walking away.

“Karibu…. Have a seat. Imagine…kuna food iko kwa gas. Wacha nikimbie isiungue,” she says

She has a nice, long-legged stride, though at this moment her slow, careful walk disguises it. I watch as her jeans conform to the twin globes of her nicely toned ass. The low band of her jeans entices me as well. It would take very little, so very little to touch the sweet mound of her pussy at the front of those jeans.

I start feeling guilty. It isn’t supposed to be like this. She’s Caro’s sister. Yes, the same Caro I wrote about in the tale. Unfortunately, after the day that Caro told me ‘ananyesha’, she went silent on me. She started blue-ticking me yet I thought we would plan another date. I don’t get lengwad by chicks too often but even the most gifted of men get the stubborn girls sometimes, girls that just don’t want to dance to your tune.

Personally, I am not the kind to beg. So I let it go.

A few days later, I bumped into Caro’s sister Kambua in town. We had met at the party but hadn’t really talked much. This time though, she was the first to spot me


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