Hello There,my name is Eunice from Narobi Kenya,am a first year student at one of the Kenya’s public universities. As am writing to you now,am in pain,a pain that I cannot control,it pains me from the heart,from the soul it gives me headeck daily.

The only person I love most as a girl and as a daughter has turned to be the most deadly monsters I have ever come across.

For the three years,my father has been sl33ping with me,and when I talk of sl33ping,I mean having $3x with me every night. He started doing this immediately I completed my highschool education. The first time he came into my room to ki#s me a goodnight as he has been doing before,he sat on my bed and started telling me stories about relationship. My father asked me if I have ever sl3pt with any man,and I said no,because I was as innocent as I sounded. He proceeded telling how it is sweet to have $3x,how $3x makes a girl a full woman,I didn’t know that he had agendas and I just listened and laughed at every sentence.

After he was through, he told me not to tell my mum or he will disown me.
Since that day,my father has been sl33ping with me every night, he has made me hate myself. He told me that if I refuse he will not pay my university education. I have gone to university but he still follows me there,

I don’t know whether to call him daddy or sweetheart, I love my mum very much but he has made me start hating her for nothing. I cry everyday because I can’t get a boyfriend. I cannot report him to police because he has money and he will not be arrested.

This is a true life story that am telling in tears. I hate my father,I hate him very much,I has ruined my life and the best thing remaining for me is just to die and be gone for good.

And I close this conversation, any father reading this,just know that daughters have rights to be loved,not harrased.



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