The boys from Central, sneaked into neighboring girls highschool, cut off the power and entered into a dorm!The Rest Is What You See On This Photos

Parents are often looking out for their kids. They do not wish to expose them to the ills of the world. A S8x Education program was proposed for introduction into Kenyan schools some time back and was widely shunned, both by the parents and the teachers. Each parties claiming that it would expose the teens to stuff they were not ready for.


Late last week however, 15 male students were found sleeping in a girl’s dorm in Mbeere South, Embu County. The boys from Embu High School, sneaked into St Mary Gachoka, cut off the power and entered into a dorm according to a report from Nation. Talk of guts.

The 11 form four, three form three, and one form one student arrived in taxis after contacting the girls via mobile phones. “Guys, aren’t exams going on? How do you escape during exams? If you miss a paper, means you can’t graduate from high school. Why forfeit a whole year for just a night of fun?” asked a parent.


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