True Confession: How do I tell him that I have a child for another man?

This forum you have created on your news site has encouraged me to come out and share the burdens that have beclouded my heart since the preparation towards my Marriage started. It will be very difficult for me to divulge my identity and that of my proposed husband here, simply because I don’t want to lose him. All I want is an advice.


I want to seek your opinion, because as it stands now, I’m in an impasse; I’m wrapped in a string of mess, and my conscience strikes me in the wake of another day, even as I will be taking my marital vows next month.

It all started when I was in the Secondary school, that was 9 years ago, 2003 to be précised. Then, I was in my SS2 when I had this guy as a boyfriend. He was only posted to my school as a youth corps member (National Service Person).READ MORE NEXT PAGE BELOW>>


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