True Confession: How my husband of 10 years stabbed me in the back

I’ve been married for 10 years. When I met my husband He worked for an insurance company and there was a lady who was doing her national service there. When we started dating I found out about they had been having a thing.


I found out because on one occasion a colleague of his, who didn’t know we were dating, passed a loose comment. Anyway I found a wonderful man in him. His past was not going to be my business. About 8 months after dating him, I fell pregnant so we did a quick wedding. After a year of marriage he left his job and started his own business.

And can you believe he hired this lady as his coordinator. I was not comfortable with it. Deep down I was so concerned. But I decided to be the bigger person and not say a word. One evening they went for a program together.

Right on Facebook there were pictures of the two of them. Smiling at each other. A friend brought my attention to it. I still refused to make it an issue. I passed a comment one day in bed saying I wasn’t ok with how close they are.


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