Two Individuals Caught Having Sex At Cemetery! Nyege Hapana Tambua Miaka

I have a friend I consider as wise as Solomon. His name is Chege Miati I consider him wise because from what I have seen in the 4 years I have known him, he has proven a rather intelligent partner. He seems to see what I cannot and always knows how to diffuse a situation. He is also tthe guy who had the wherewithal to coin the phrase, NYEGE HAZINA ADABU.

Is it apt? Yes. Is it true? Very. But most of all, it’s wise.

Think about that phrase for a minute. Really let it sink in.

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Then you probably should watch the video I want to share with you. But first, here’s some background story to add flavour.

A man and his lady love were passing by a cemetery perhaps to moan a dead relative or perhaps to celebrate the life of a long loved pet. It was a beautiful day and the sun was up in the sky.
And as we all know, different people mourn differently. So what happened next shouldn’t be held against them.

But mzee dropped his pants, pounced ‘pon wife and did the naked tango. And his mourning wife became a moaning wife. And she wasn’t even worried or bothered when someone drove up and started filming them. Infact, her husband simply wanted the guy filming to dip so he could get some nut bursting out of the way.

Check out the video next page below:


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