Why Kikuyu women can make the best wives( IS THIS TRUE)

Contrary to the believe that Kikuyu women can’t make good wives, we have established several reasons why they can actually make the husband proud by playing the role of “perfect wife”. If you can’t believe, below are proven reasons.

They are good investors

Kikuyu women know how to invest-they can turn small money into an empire. Nowadays, a man needs someone who can spot opportunities, and that’s where a Kikuyu woman can help.

If you ask other tribes what is a bond?, what is a mortgage? What is money market? What is forex trading? The answer you will get will leave you on the floor. But a Kikuyu lady will explain to you and even help you identify the best companies to invest in.


If you are a backward individual, Kikuyu ladies is not your type, but if you want to outperform other men, marry a Kikuyu. This lady is very aggressive and will always keep you on toes. If you slow down, she will remind you that your neighbor is about to overtake you.

A man needs someone who can push him into action, and that lady is a Kikuyu.



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