Woman Strips nakyd And Climbs On Top Of Police Car As Kangemi Crowd Cheers

To a casual observer what Africans do when they are demonstrating might seem weird but if you understand the cultural context, it makes sense. Well, not that this makes sense but you can see where people are coming from.


You see, back in the day when Wangari Maathai was trying to protect Karuraa forest back in the 90s, she was attacked by police officers and savagely so. So what she did in protest of this injustice was to strip naked.
This is actually an effective way of demonstrating because in African culture, seeing a woman as old as your mother naked is an abomination. It leads to you getting cursed.

Whether or not that belief holds sway in this day and age is subject to debate but what I do know is that there was a woman who decided she’d had enough of whatever it was that was troubling her and she decided to take a stand. Literally. Nakyd. On top of a police vehicle.CONTINUE READING ON NEXT  PAGE


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