HERE are 10 types of women you will find in Kisii Town (photos)

HERE are 10 types of women you will find in Kisii

When you go to Kisii as a man, you will find the climate is clean, the air crisp and everywhere quite green. You may also find yourself wondering what sort of women are there. I quietly observed these types last week:

The loud one:
She is the stereotypical Kisii girl who gives all the others a bad name. If you marry this type, small arguments will expand into quarrels, from sun up to sunset, in rising decibels of crescendo. And she does not mind. Because quarreling is her true passion and hobby.

The quiet Kisii:

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Then there is her opposite number, the one who, perhaps because of being brought up in a traditional or patriarchal society (and sections of Kisii can be patriarchal) is quite quiet to the point of submission. But ‘angrify’ this one enough, and you may wake up without your manhood.



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