You Thought It Was Bro Ochola Alone Meet Pastor Letsego Of The Christ Embassy Church Who Accidentally Sent n#de Photos Of His Manhood To Church WhatsApp Group

“Wife is away; it’s all yours tonight”, the pastor captioned his nude photo which he sent to his church Whatsapp group.

Whatsapp! Whatsapp! Whatsapp will surely finish men. Take all the time you have to make sure you don’t send your nudes to a wrong group on Whatsapp.

Men, born again Christians to be precise, are being caught in ugly sex scandals on Whatsapp. It all started with Bro Ocholla who caused chaos on Embakasi Prayercell.

Several miles away from Kenya, a South African preacher decided to end his life after realizing his ‘D’ photo was readily available for his faithful on Whatsapp.

Pastor Letsego of the Christ Embassy church in Limpopo, South Africa mistakenly sent a photo of his manhood on Whatsapp group with a caption reading; “Wife is away; it’s all yours tonight”.

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Daily Guide says the pastor was intending to send the nude photo to his lover who is also a member of the church.

Pastor Letsego immediately left the Whatsapp group when he realized what he had

done. He also stopped answering calls from anyone.

The man of god decided to give shame a wide berth by hanging himself; his lifeless body was found dangling on a rope in his house a day later after he sent the raunchy photo on Whatsapp.

Prior to the incident, the deceased had been rumored to be fooling around with a female church member only known as Miriam


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