4 Best S.ex Positions for When You’re on Your Period

When you’re on your period, you might feel bloated and crampy—but that doesn’t change the fact that your estrogen and testosterone levels rise while your flow is in full force, making you ready to get after it.

Plus, “Lots of women find the increased blood flow and extra slickness make s.ex even more enjoyable.”

Stick to these gravity-fighting moves and you’ll be able to get off with minimal mess (you know, if that’s something you worry about):

1. The Butterfly

Lie on your back at the edge of the bed. With your guy standing in front of you, place your legs over his shoulders and use your arms to raise your hips until you reach your preferred angle. (Placing a stack of towels underneath you can help prevent muscle strain.) You can also pull this off in missionary—with your guy kneeling—so there’s not as much leakag


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