5 Simple Ways To Know If A Lady Is A Wife Material

5 Simple Ways To Know If A Lady Is A Wife Material

According to the Yorubas, “Marrying a woman is like buying a sealed good from the market in which you are not sure of its contents.” This saying may be subjective. However, there are simple ways to know if a lady is a wife material or not.

Some men are fortunate with the type of woman they marry while some are not. The true behaviour of a woman is best seen after she becomes a married woman. A woman who says she can die for her husband before their marriage changes afterwards. She takes up the name, “I don’t care.” ”She goes to parties for days without caring she has a husband at home to take care. This later on baffles the man who had thought she married an angel. One factor might be that the man failed to observe some big cracks during his relationship with the woman who later became his wife.

Presently in Nigeria, certain behaviour is common among some ladies. Some of them do not think about a plan for the future with the man who proposes to marry them. Others do not even talk about what the future might hold. They just want to hoodwink a man whether he will marry them or not.

Knowing if a lady is a wife material or not involves a man trying out one or more of these smart things.

1. Demand for pre-marital s3x

In some religious organisations in Nigeria, their leaders lay much emphasis on abstinence from s3x before marriage. However, this is not the case in some religious organisations. They do not preach against pre-marital s3x.

A man who asked a woman out and later on the woman herself says she wants s3x should be cautious of such woman. She could use that to trap him by getting pregnant. This is because she already knows the man is financially okay. By getting pregnant for the man, her dream of becoming the man’s wife is realised. If the man says he is not interested in s3x before marriage, the woman will still insist she wants s3x in order to achieve her ulterior motive. On the other hand, a wife material prefers to wait for post-marital s3x.


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