5 Types Of Smell Of The VAGINA And What They Mean

First, you need to stay calm because a healthy vagina must have a smell. The situation in the ‘V’ city becomes different when a certain scent is intense.

Vagina smell
So, which scents are these and when do u know there is a problem?

5. Fishy Scent

When your vagina has an intense pungent smell like that of a fish, know it’s a warning that things are not okay.

This could be a red flag of an infection caused by an imbalance of bacteria in the vagina. Nonetheless, there is no cause for alarm as the situation can easily be treated using prescribed antibiotics.

4. Bread-like smell

Bread is good, but a strong smell of it or yeasty smell coming from your honeypot is not good. Normally, yeast infections do not present themselves with a smell but other symptoms like itchiness and discharge. The smell of bread could still indicate a yeast infection.


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