Top 7 S3x Types Every Person Must Try Before Age 25

Having s3x is more than just a physical act, it is an intimate connection. It is easy to fall into a dull rut as a couple and when this happens, one or both partners might feel neglected and unfulfilled which would end up leading to problems in the relationship itself.


Just in case things are getting predictable between you two lately, do consider spicing up your bedroom moves with these sex moves below:

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1. Couch S3x:

What does the sitting room couch have that the bed does not have? Well, a lot if you have never tried it. Having s3x on a comfy couch can provide you with a lot of new ideas and s3x moves. You would enjoy the movability that the couch provides, and how much easier it is to switch positions when one or both of you are sitting on a couch than laying on a bed.



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