7 Things You Should NEVER Say To A Woman During S3x

Communication before, during and after s3x is as important as the s3xu@l act itself. So how you ask a woman, by words or action, for s3x, what you say and do during s3x and how you react after s3x will mean a lot more than you think.

Just like many men have an ego issue with their penis size and sexual performance, many women take verbal and non-verbal communication during s3x very serious.

As a rule, it is good to be gentle, courteous and respectful when talking or acting in bed with a loved one.

However, if you don’t know what bedroom courtesy in speech means, just try to never say these annoying and disrespectful phrases:

1. “You don’t seem to know anything about s3x” – some people think saying this, or variations of it, is like stating that she is modest. The truth however is that it is derogatory and very annoying. If you notice she doesn’t know a move or cannot do something, respectfully show her how to.

2. “My ex used to like this…” – Really? How much more stupid can one get than to bring in an ex during s3x with a new person? That is automatically saying “my ex is better than you in bed.” CONTINUE ON PAGE 2


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