8 S3xy Kenyan Celebs And The S3x Positions That Best Suit Them

Kenyan celebrities like lungula! That is just a statement of fact. I do too as do you. There is nothing more fun than having sex with someone you love. I had to add that line to the story because the wife could be reading this (highly doubtful though)

Anyway, I had a nice long chat with my colleague Chege Miati about celebrities and the type of sexual positions they look to enjoy the most. We discussed the fat ones like DK Kwenye Beat to the lasses like Akothee and my oh my, I had no idea the levels of depravity in this lad’s mind. Indeed, the silent ones are always the freakiest.

So join me on my rather weird quest to give you a list of Kenyan celebrities and the sexual positions I think suit them most.

I know adding that there was a low blow but oh well…

eah, I now he is a gospel artist but have you seen that supremely rotund belly? I had to have him on my list to represent for all the pot bellied man-dem!

Dk KwenyeBeat

For him I would suggest reverse cowgirl. The lass can comfortably angle herself underneath her man’s belly. Also, this fat lad wouldn’t have to start heaving and sweating. The lass does all the work.

Image result for cow girl+diagram

Timmy Dat


This homie is the epitome of Eastlands engineering. He is the kind of lad girls from uptown dream about. Before he became a star he clearly spent too much time at the gym. For this guy I would suggest that he simply open the Kamasutra and choose whatever he damn well feels like.


Monkey Style. Simple, monkey style. Why? This lass is all over the place anyway. She is the type of lass to swing from door frames as you and her engage in coital action Mimi Faust type of action.


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