After Drugs, Bankruptcy and attempted Suicide Singer Ray C Finally Gets Saved

Shunned Bongo singer Ray C was in June this year taken back to rehab after she relapsed following her prolonged battle with drug abuse.

Ray C real name, Rehema Chelamila was introduced to the drug world by her former lover and rapper Lord Eyes, back in 2012, something she has come to regret ever since.

The once celebrated songstress became so addicted she resorted to selling off her belongings to sustain her bad habit, leading to bankruptcy and eventually putting an end to her singing career.

Back in June, an emotional video of Ray C emerged online, showing her attempting to commit suicide in public using a knife but thankfully police rescued her on time and the singer was arrested.

The clip shows Ray C being escorted away in a police van after the unsuccessful attempted suicide with the artist visibly seen in a trance claiming that she was being kidnapped and harassed. This was the lowest point that Ray C had ever sunk to after declaring she was clean.


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