Another S£X scandal rocks the NTV newsroom, it involves this hot LADY and managers

Kenyan Female Media Personalities Who Have Been Sleeping Around With Their Bosses & Politicians In Exchange For Money, Cars & Houses!

The Kenyan media industry in rotten morally, for a long time we’ve heard of sex scandals at some of the top media houses where female workers sleep with their bosses in exchange of materials things e.g cars, money & houses. 

One lady friend of mine taking a journalism course once told me that she was forced to wear a mini skirt so as to attract viewers when she was doing an internship at one of the TV stations.

There have been a number of photos doing rounds on social media after a love gone sour. Apparently, an IT guy at RMS. The photo shows a lady who works for SK Macharia’s RMS lying in bed with nothing after enjoying some thrusting.


The lady has now apologized to all Kenyans for the photo and blames his ex who works in the UK for releasing the photos. She blames her woes on his fiance, an ICT engineer who hacked her phone and released the photos.

She is now planning to sue the nigger for exposing her privacy through hacking.



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