Caroline Mutoko Tells Meru to Grow Weed Instead of Miraa(video)

Caroline Mutoko is not new to controversial statements and recently, she has taken up her YouTube channel very seriously and is definitely going to use all her tactics from radio to ensure she gets the audience she needs. In fact, in a recent video, she said her life at radio was only about the money and ratings and she would do anything it took to get that up. Her YouTube channel is still somewhat confused with videos covering topics from all over and she is yet to decide her focus, but it is allowed, she is still trying to discover. I have to admit though, she has some interesting content and she is probably the one Kenyan pushing it consistently on YouTube and being a YouTuber myself, I know it is not easy.

Caroline Mutoko Photo: Nairobiwire

So Caroline’s latest video talks about Miraa and weed. She specifically talks about the money Uhuru pledged to grow the miraa industry and tells the Meru people it is time to move on. According to her, Miraa is a gone trade and they should consider growing Marijuana for export to the United States and other markets where high grade weed is legal. She challenged the leaders from Meru to take up this challenge and ensure that it is allowed.



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