Confession : How i made sweet love to my neighbour

A Neighbor Has a Problem What would you do? I’d moved into the neighborhood about a year ago and had one of the two houses at the end of the cul-de-sac. I’d met the guy next door about a month later and we hit it off. I’m single and he’s married, but we both had similar interests… repairing our own cars, wood working, watching sports and we were both in the technical field. His expertise


was computers and mine is machine control… two geeks. He’d come over and we’d work on one thing or another… my tools were better than his and his entertainment system was better. After a few weeks he’d invited me over towatch a Saturday game and I met his wife. I’d seen her before and we’d waved but I hadn’t known her name and never been introduced. They were a happy couple with no kids. We were all within a few years of each other in age… but where he and I fooled ourselves into thinking we were still physically fit… she was. I mean she had put on a few pounds… judging by photos I saw in the house… but they were all in the right places. With no kids to support she didn’t work… although I suspected that she’d rather have been working than house-sitting. I mean she kept herself busy… volunteering and maintaining the house… and yard… but contact with people was more or less limited to the people she volunteered with or for. She was about five foot four and was still very beautiful. When we watched the games she would both sit with us… and occupy her hands with something… or she’d find something else in the house to do. She followed his sports so that she could talk about them easily enough… and knew the stats better than he did. Occasionally she’d actually get wrapped up in a game or a race and be rooting for her favorite. I’m a strange guy… I don’t believe in encroachment. I mean I’d never try to get serious with a friend’s wife or girlfriend… or make a pass at them. There are enough ladies in the world that I can always find one if I need to. I’m not handsome… or alluring at all… but I don’t have trouble… READ MORE ON NEXT PAGE BELOW


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