Convict sentenced to 14 days in prison shot dead by guard at Industrial Area Prison

It seems men in uniforms derive pleasure from killing people! A petty offender who failed to pay 100 bob fine has been shot dead by prison warden at Industrial Area Remand Prison.

Such a pity hearing a prisoner who was serving 14 days sentence was shot and killed by a prison warden; 25-year-old Gilbert Zoabunayo, a Burundian national, was arrested on Thursday evening for being drunk and disorderly.

He was taken to Makadara Law Courts where he was sentenced to 14 days in prison after he failed to pay a fine of 100 shillings.

The Burundian national was taken to Industrial Area Remand Prison where he attempted to escape due to deplorable conditions at the penitentiary.

The reputation of Kenyan prisons is known to scare any living soul that hasn’t been used to life in confinement.


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