Dear Aunty Mzansi: We are having too much s.ex, i’m afraid my vagina will get loose

Are we having too much s.ex?

Dear Aunty Mzansi,

I’m in my twenties and have a boyfriend I have a lot of affection for. My problem is that his s.ex drive is extremely high – we seem to be at it any opportunity we have to be together. I’m delighted that s.ex between us is so good but I’m worried about the frequency.  Do you think too much s.ex can make va.gina loose?

Thandeka, By E-mail


Dear Thandeka,

The va.gina is a muscle and like any muscle, it will get stronger (and tighter) with use.  So having fun won’t loosen yours! However, all women can benefit from daily exercise to keep internal muscles in trim. So next time you’re peeing, notice the muscles you use to stop the flow – then squeeze and hold these muscles as often as you can, bringing the walls of your va.gina together. Work up to 150 squeezes a day in batches of 10, and you will keep trim.

Aunty Mzansi


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