DPP Keriako Tobiko now wants Akasha brothers arrested .

The Director of Public Prosecutions wants the Akasha brothers arrested for failure to appear in court yesterday. Baktash Akasha and Ibrahim Akasha and two foreigners from India and Pakistan have been battling extradition in a Mombasa court since November 2014 and the determination was scheduled for yesterday. They are out on bond. Yesterday, the DPP’s representative claimed medical reports indicating the two were sick were false and a tactic invented to delay the extradition matter. Senior Assistant DPP Alexander Muteti denounced two medical reports brought by lawyers for the Akashas claiming they were falsified. Mr Muteti said the Akashas should be examined by a medical doctor at the Coast General Hospital CGH to determine their health status. He noted a report from the facility would help the court cross-examine the doctors whose reports were presented by the Akashas’ lawyer yesterday.  “The medical report presented before court gives a sense that the author of the document is not serious and it was meant to hoodwink the court. The accused deliberately avoided to attend the court hence a warrant of arrest should be issued to them to explain why they did not attend court,” Muteti said.


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