FULL CONFESSION:HOW diplomat’s WIFE CHEATED me into HOT S3X for two Years- S3x Marathon

Dear David,

How do I even start I met Shiroh Muiruri on Facebook while trying to establish contacts in Nairobi prior to an assignment for a community-based eco-tourism and livelihood enhancement project at the Kenyan Coast in 2011.

She was so aggressive and sounded so genuine… I couldn’t resist, especially when her suggestive and naked pictures soon started filling my inbox.

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When I arrived in Kenya on May 12, 2011, Shiroh picked me up at the airport and drove me to a hotel on Ngong Road. She left at 9pm after we had a good time. She spent most of the next seven days with me until I had to report to my duty station in Ukunda.

During the first months, she would take early morning flights to Mombasa and then fly back to Nairobi late in the evening. She told me she had two children, was a single mother and that the father of the children was an irresponsible drunkard who had abandoned them.


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