Here’s the revised syllabus for wife material [MEN ONLY]

Nairobi women are genetically superior than their counterparts in other African cities, especially when it comes to setting what they believe are high standards. A good number of women in Nairobi think God short-changed them with stingy and unromantic men. They are convinced they deserved better, even if their idea of ‘better’ is misplaced fawning on white pensioners or Nigerian men of dubious character, whose idea of romance is limited to showering their women with gifts, money and blue pills.

This notoriety has even seen our daughters washing away their identities. They even go to the length of bleaching their African beauty for short-lived fame that’s no more than a flash in a pan

Our women are quick to pout over the attributes of the impeccable Mr Right who is stuck in the realm of their dreams. This mysterious tall, dark, handsome and rich man who is supposed to drop from the sky like a superhero with much fanfare and sweep them of their feet in a state of romantic nirvana, off to marital bliss.


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